Configuring SMPP to receive requests

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Configuring SMPP to receive requests

Post by 264nm » 2013/07/23 13:46:11

Hey peoples,

Currently doing some work on a CentOS server that provides SMS services, and utilises PHP apis to do so. However a user wishes to use SMPP in order to send and receive their batches of SMS.

Ideally what I am required to do is configure an SMPP Server to receive incoming requests from the client to send messages, but then instead translate the requests and HTTP POST to an API on the server to handle the request.

I'm feeling a bit out of my depth so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Re: Configuring SMPP to receive requests

Post by MintWarrior » 2015/03/02 15:50:01

Hi, I am facing a similar problem..I have to configure a SMPP server that can be used for mass mailing. How do I proceed ? What steps should I take ? Please guide..

OP - If you were able to find your solution, could you please guide me ?

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