Installling Tomcat

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Installling Tomcat

Post by mzainal » 2008/10/07 09:32:49

Dear all,

I using centos x86_64. i'm try to install tomcat not running in my box. Could any one give any link that can help me? Thank you.

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Installling Tomcat

Post by gerald_clark » 2008/10/07 13:42:15

'yum list' will show you what is available.
yum install tomcat5

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Re: Installling Tomcat

Post by centos-linvs » 2008/10/14 15:32:56

look at

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Re: Installling Tomcat

Post by yyagol » 2008/10/14 19:14:08

centos-linvs wrote:
look at[/quote]
I use this manual of Apache and
I wrote a small manual on how to install tomcat under CentOS 4.x as stand alone
under CentOS 5 you can install tomcat via yum

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