XEN paravirtualised domu's

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XEN paravirtualised domu's

Post by ronanlinux » 2007/05/09 22:28:35

I had smoothwall working on a seperate machine acting as firewall nat'ing router and dhcp server to my private home network.
It worked perfectly and is a testament to open source excellence.

I bought a core2 duo and want to do everything it did with centos5 / xen .(becuase i can / and i want to refresh my RHCE )

ASUI I can (or should be able to )do the following.

dom0 bridges all ethernet traffic straight into domu #1, which will act as my firewall.
domu #1 will have two logical eths, eth0 will be my ISPs IP, eth1 will be for example
it also will be running dhcpd and will distribute private IPs to the rest of my domu's.
All following domu's will be bridged to domu #1's eth1 interface and recieve IPs via dhcp.
domu #1 will then route traffic via NAT to the internet and vice versa.

I was talking to Mark gomez on the mailing list and he understands what im trying to do, even drawing an acurate diagram of what i want to achieve...
[url=http://mailstats.qub.ac.uk/ronan/xen.png]xen diagram[/url]

so i have the standard default dom0 centos5xen kernel etc etc running.
from the diagram i presume (tell me if im wrong) that the firewall domu (eth0) will have the ISPs(NTL UK) IP address and the eth1 in the same domu will be configure manaully to be eg then I will setup dhcpd on eth1 (firewall domu) and also a bridge for the two interfaces(still within firewall domu) such that any additional domus (when configured ) will try and get an IP from the firewall domu but will also be able to access the internet

if anyone could ppost their domu configs and examples that'd be dandy, or even kind words would help but i'd prefer some answers... :)



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