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Help needed with the VoIP

Posted: 2016/09/02 20:08:00
by MichaelB

I need some help to deactivate blockage of MAC addresses in our company's VoIP server. IT's CentOS 5.3, I was reading that I have to modify the "dhcpd.conf" file located in the /etc (change the line from deny unknown-clients to allow unknown-clients) but the problem is that I dont have this file. The only dhcpd related file in the /etc is dhcp6c.conf
Right now we can't add any new VoIp telephones because only devices whith known MAC addresses can be used.

I was wondering if anybody could help me with the enable of allowing unknown clients or at least give me a command how I can add new MAC Adresses

Re: Help needed with the VoIP

Posted: 2016/09/05 11:40:23
by stevemowbray
That would indicate that either the machine in question is not your dhcp server, or that you are not using the CentOS dhcpd package and the relevant files are in another location, perhaps somewhere in /usr/local.

Re: Help needed with the VoIP

Posted: 2016/09/05 11:42:12
by stevemowbray
Also please be aware that CentOS 5.3 is ancient and contains many known vulnerabilities. You should "yum update" to the current 5.11 ASAP, but CentOS 5 is end of life in a few months and you should be thinking about migrating to a supported platform.