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link RS232 over LAN

Posted: 2016/08/11 18:56:50
by npeca75
Hi to all
at first, sorry for my english

I am running centos 5.11 server with DOSEMU compiled from source. Old DOS program, but company does not want to change it

Everything working fine, 10-15 linux client login on 5.11 server with ssh, they start DOS, make their job and go home :)
so far, so good

My problem is that DOS program need to communicate with RS232 port on CLIENT side

Is there any way to setup some kind of virtual RS232 on Sevrer then to redirect these port over TCP/IP and on client side to put these data on real RS232 ?

something like
5.11 -> DOS -> Virtual 232 -> LAN -> Client(linux) -> RS232

and of course, i need communication to be two-way

tnx in advance

Re: link RS232 over LAN

Posted: 2016/08/12 16:27:24
by aks
I know there's hardware to do that (especially as it may have to handle multiple clients) but have not used anything like that for over 25 years!

Re: link RS232 over LAN

Posted: 2016/08/12 19:38:05
by npeca75
i prefer software solution over hardware if possible

well. about multiple clients
there is no big deal because every client have their "virtual" machine on server
every client is on local LAN, no complicated touting / firewalls, etc
and every client have fixed IP

so i think some kind of pairing SOCAT on server side and SER2NET on client side (physical rs232) will be the solution

anybody with some example ?