resolv.conf -- systems ignore secondary & tertiary nameservers

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resolv.conf -- systems ignore secondary & tertiary nameserve

Post by rotorboy » 2011/02/10 16:20:10

I'm seeing a strange problem. I have a number of CentOS servers with latest 5.x
I have 3 nameservers in the resolv.conf files. All 3 nameservers test out fine when checking for domain lookups.
I'm having some trouble with ns1 and shut it down.l None of the CentOS machines fail over to the ns2 & ns3 entries. Basically everything stops resolving even though the other 2 nameservers are alive and well.

Why would this happen?

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Re: resolv.conf -- systems ignore secondary & tertiary nameservers

Post by pschaff » 2011/02/11 03:23:31

Does it actually fail, or just take a long time to time out? Best potential explanation I could find is [url=]this bugzilla report[/url]. A workaround would probably be to rewrite /etc/resolv.conf without the failed DNS nameserver entry.

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