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Centos 5 и xHCI USB 3.0

Posted: 2016/06/20 13:28:46
by switch
Good day to all!
We have a distribution for our telecom devices based on Centos 5.2. There are new devices board ... 1SSM-F.cfm , on their distribution is not loaded. It is designed to boot from a USB to LIVECD mode, but goes into the command line in step connecting the root file system.

This happens because as I understand it involves the use of USB 3.0 xhci_hcd driver. However, in Centos 5, it is not. Translation system on the new operating system is very difficult at the moment. The operating system is intertwined with our software.

Maybe someone has seen ported driver? Or any useful ideas to help me?

I would be grateful for any help!

Re: Centos 5 и xHCI USB 3.0

Posted: 2016/06/20 15:37:12
by TrevorH
You need to move off CentOS 5 ASAP or at least have plans in the pipeline to do so. It expires in March next year - though since you're running 5.2 at the moment you already have a mass of critical security vulnerabilities outstanding. 5.2 is from May 2008 so you're missing 8 years worth of security patches. If your device is network accessible then it probably doesn't even belong to you any more...

There is no USB 3.x suport in CentOS 5. It's too old. CentOS 6 has support and so does 7. CentOS 7 has the added advantage of receiving updates until 2024 where 6 expires in 2020.

Re: Centos 5 и xHCI USB 3.0

Posted: 2016/06/20 16:34:24
by switch
In my case, the operating system is tightly integrated with the software. Some device drivers may not be suitable for newer kernels. And change the OS for the two weeks prior to the introduction just did not have time. At least three months need to test under load. Therefore, just looking for an option with the USB driver

Re: Centos 5 и xHCI USB 3.0

Posted: 2016/06/21 21:59:31
by chemal
USB 3.0 drivers are tightly integrated with the kernel. USB 3.0 drivers may not be suitable for older kernels. :D