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P410i RAID Controller support

Posted: 2016/04/01 18:39:28
by jodeleon
why it doesnt work for me??!!!! :x :(

when I write "linux dd" and I have to select the driver from the USB, always said to me that is not a driver on the USB.

what I am doing wrong?

I "burned" the iso witch dd on the CLI

Re: P410i RAID Controller support

Posted: 2016/04/01 19:55:22
by TrevorH
I have split your post away from the original thread that you posted to because it is more than 5 years old and not even remotely relevant to what you are posting.

You don't give enough details for anyone to be able to help you. What version of CentOS are you using? If it's CentOS 5.x then you might want to think about if it's a smart idea to build a new system based on a product that goes out of support in about 1 year.

Either way, the driver for an HP P410i Smart Array controller is built into all versions of CentOS out of the box and you do not need a driver disk. Use the latest media for your chosen version: currently either 5.11, 6.7 or 7.2.