Cannot find kernel source

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Cannot find kernel source

Post by allanng78 » 2015/04/07 06:23:26

I am new to Centos. I try to install DAG card driver and application into Centos 5.5 and I encounter this error.

checking for kernel source ... checking for kernel source ... none
configure: error: Cannot find kernel sources; use --with-kern=DIR

How can I solve this error. Please advise me.


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Re: Cannot find kernel source

Post by TrevorH » 2015/04/07 11:43:58

Step 1: update to 5.11 which is the latest and only supported release of CentOS 5
Step 2: install the exact same version/release of the kernel/kernel-headers and kernel-devel packages and make sure you have rebooted into the latest kernel
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