Anyone upgraded ver. 5x to last ver. before reinstall is nec

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Anyone upgraded ver. 5x to last ver. before reinstall is nec

Post by ctalks2004 » 2015/02/13 17:32:48

Has anyone upgraded their version 5.x Centos version to the highest version possible before a complete re-install is necessary?

I checked the version with root and it says 5.11. Is it possible to upgrade it higher without having to do a complete re-install of the server software? If it is, I'd like to go as high as possible without a complete reload. I also have Cpanel installed and I have read it can be a problem at the higher versions. I'd like to keep from having to reload Cpanel if its possible.

Anyone have any experience at this? I'll confess, I'm not a nix pro. I administer a boatload of Windoze servers on my day job, so nix is not my specialty. My partner bailed to another host last fall and I'm stuck trying to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can.

I tried searching the forum topics for upgrade and Cpanel, but none of the topics seemed to ask or answer this question.

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Re: Anyone upgraded ver. 5x to last ver. before reinstall is

Post by TrevorH » 2015/02/13 18:49:44

No, it's not possible. Updates from 5.x to 5.y are possible (and encouraged!) but updates from 5.x to 6.a are not.

We also cannot support systems with cpanel on them. They replace so much of CentOS that any advice we might offer that would apply to CentOS itself might well break a cpanel system more than it was already.
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