Help for server replacement

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Help for server replacement

Post by Rick » 2015/01/23 10:17:35

Hello all,

We are having an server which is running with RHEL and another computer running with CENTOS. We are running it for an website, i am not sure how it is configured and how it works.

For replacing it with new server what are required ground work we need to make before going for new server installation.

Please help me as i am new to this technology.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Help for server replacement

Post by scottro » 2015/01/23 12:48:08

If this is client facing, then you're going to need someone who is experienced with it, or possibly hire a consultant. You have this posted in the CentOS 5 forum, so I'm assuming it is running RHEL and CentOS5, rather than 6. While you might be able to get it working to show web pages without experience, it will be difficult to keep it at all secure.

If there is absolutely no way to hire someone to help with this, then I would say install what you want to try on a VirtualMachine, such as VirtualBox, and experiment with that. Look for tutorials about running apache. If it's also running things like Tomcat, and using MySQL, the problem becomes more complex.

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