Hosting multiple sites on a single IP address

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Hosting multiple sites on a single IP address

Post by andros » 2014/10/31 14:36:33

Most people use control panels to automate hosting tasks. I would like to set up a server (CentOS/Apache/wsFTPd/PHP/MySQL/Postfix) that will host a few web sites, each on its own domain, on a single public IP address (my own), WITHOUT USING CONTROL PANELS.

So far, CentOS/Apache/wsFTPd/PHP/MySQL/Postfix is set up and I am hosting a website on main domain.

Can you please help me answer a few questions regarding hosting multi sites/domains on a single IP address:
1. Can multi domain web hosting be achieved just with editing apache's configuration file? For example:
2. Can one machine host web and email server for multiple domains on a single server with the same IP without using a DNS server (e.g. BIND)?
3. If Bind has to be used, can you please write or point me to an instruction how to achieve this?

PS. I've look on Google for a few days, but could not find any useful tutorial.

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Re: Hosting multiple sites on a single IP address

Post by scottro » 2014/10/31 20:00:37

If I understand your question, I am surprised you werent' able to find it on google. I just put in apache multiples sites one ip address and come up with this. ... ess-apache

Which should be useful. However, when you say you've googled for some time without result, I am wondering if I misunderstood your question.
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