Kloxo installation error

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Kloxo installation error

Post by xeko » 2014/08/08 13:15:44

Hi guys,
I've installed LAMP before kloxo and GNOME Desktop Environment. But when i installed kloxo via this code

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sh ./kloxo-installer.sh -–type= –db-rootpassword=PASSWORD
the error showed up (I've already used wget to download the package)
Hope you guys will help me. Thanks!

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Re: Kloxo installation error

Post by gerald_clark » 2014/08/08 15:19:29

THis is the CentOS 5 forum.
If you are running CentOS 5 you cannot install el6 rpms.
You need to install an el5 version of Kloxo.

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Re: Kloxo installation error

Post by TrevorH » 2014/08/08 15:33:20

Personally I wouldn't touch kloxo with a bargepole, even if it was going on your system and not mine!
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