password policy doesn't work after few minutes

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password policy doesn't work after few minutes

Post by nst » 2014/06/02 07:06:01

I'm trying to set up password policy on my ldap 389DS infrastructure which is in a mutilple master Replicated Environment
I have enabled password policy trough 389DS console. At frist, I just want to turn on the syntax check (passwordchecksyntax entry) of a user password on a subtree. It works properly and after a few seconds it does not work. Sometimes, I have this message in error log. [19/May/2014:14:10:54 +0200] - Skipping CoS Definition cn=nsPwPolicy_CoS,ou=IR44,ou=Recouvrement,dc=recouv--no CoS Templates found, which should be added before the CoS Definition. [20/May/2014:14:30:25 +0200] - cos_cache_query_attr: failed to normalize dn ou=Org,ou=People,ou=IR44,ou=Recouvrement,dc=recouv. Processing the pre normalized dn.

I found some posts about this error but no response.

Version : CentOS release 5.5 (Final) 389DS Console 1.1.5

Thank you for your answer and help.

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