Googo Chrome on CentOS 4.5

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Googo Chrome on CentOS 4.5

Post by joaoluizmf » 2014/04/29 18:00:14

I really need to install Google Chrome on a Cent OS 4.5 or update Firefox. But I can't figure out how.
Does anybody has a clue?


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Re: Googo Chrome on CentOS 4.5

Post by gerald_clark » 2014/04/29 18:05:02

I doubt you will find a chrome for CentOS 4.5, and as stated in your other thread
at viewtopic.php?f=10&t=46055&p=195889#p195889
CentOS 4 has been End OF Life for over 2 years.
There is no support.

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Re: Googo Chrome on CentOS 4.5

Post by TrevorH » 2014/04/29 18:05:29

CentOS 4.5 has been out of support for years. The last release was 4.9 and that fell out of support at the end of Feb 2012 and 4.5 is at least 2 years older than that. To the best of my knowledge 4.5 predates both firefox and chrome as web browsers.

Did you mean 5.5 or 6.5? 6.5 is current, 5.5 is only 2.5 years out of date and badly needs a yum update run. In either case firefox is available via yum install firefox
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