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Pygtk Installation

Post by Shrihari » 2014/04/04 08:29:14

I want pygtk to be configured to Python 2.7 in my centOS5.4 system(The default python version is Python 2.4 in centos 5)
So I installed Python 2.7 with --prefix=/home/shrihari/local/lib/Python2.7 to my local area and then installed pygobject2.28 and then pygtk2.24 with the --prefix=/home/shrihari/local/lib/Python2.7.
But when I run python2.7 interpreter I am able to import pygtk but, when I try to import gtk it says "no module named gtk."
I have set environment variables PYTHONPATH=/home/shrihari/local/lib/Python2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages and PYTHON=/home/shrihari/local/lib/Python2.7/bin/python.

So can you please tell me how I configure pygtk for python 2.7?

The versions I tried to install are:
Python - 2.7.6
pygobject - 2.28.3
pygtk - 2.24.0

It would be very helpful if you provide me the steps to install pygtk for python 2.7 and its dependencies from scratch.

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