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scalpel does not work

Posted: 2014/02/06 09:03:54
by globus13
Good day. I put on CentOS5.2 x86_64 data recovery program scalpel. Run it through:

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scalpel / dev/sdc1-o / vol / output
And it gives an error:

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segmentation fault
What to do?

Re: scalpel does not work

Posted: 2014/02/06 09:26:27
by avij
scalpel is not a CentOS package, it's an EPEL package and they have their own support channels.

The command line you mentioned looks odd. Perhaps it should be "scalpel /dev/sdc1 -o /vol/output". Make sure the /dev/sdc1 special file exists and the output directory /vol/output exists as well. /vol/output probably shouldn't be mounted on /dev/sdc1 but on some other disk.

Normally I'd also recommend updating from CentOS 5.2 to 5.10 with a "yum update", but if you're doing file recovery, updating the system might overwrite something you're searching for. If /dev/sdc1 does not contain any operating system files, "yum update" would be fine.