installing moonlight on centos 5.5 gnome

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installing moonlight on centos 5.5 gnome

Post by dime » 2010/07/31 15:05:12

hi all,

occasionally i am visiting sites that make available video content, which can only be (in a stream/as flash??) played on my monitor using Silverlight (a Windhoze application).
i am directed to a site to download the Silverlight plugin, but their version is not available for Linux.
i found Moonlight is a replacement for Silverlight, and intended for the Linux world.
i got to, where i can download and install that Moonlight plugin (for my Firefox).
after the install and a Firefox reboot, i don't notice any difference when i visit a site with Silverlight 'content': nothing is plyed, but a popup comes up again, which wants to direct me to a location to download Silverlight...
so the snake bites her tail again.....

how do i install Moonlight the right way, and where can i test safely if i had success?

thank you!

(searched for moonlight on this forum, but no content present)

note: when Moonlight is no good and has issues, what can i do to see the 'Silverlight content' ??

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installing moonlight on centos 5.5 gnome

Post by pschaff » 2010/08/01 01:09:23

There are CentOS packages for Mono available from the [url=|%28kbs%29]EPEL and KBS Testing repos[/url]. mono-moonlight is in KBS Testing only. From the description " mono-moonlight are all the parts required for moonlight compilation" - not quite sure what that means. Please let us know how it works with packages built for the distro. I have no idea and a forum search turns up no other info; however. google offers some cues with the following searches:

[url=]moonlight mono[/url]
[url=]moonlight mono centos5 OR rhel5 OR el5 OR "red hat enterprise linux 5"[/url]

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Re: installing moonlight on centos 5.5 gnome

Post by centguy » 2014/04/29 14:15:19

recently under CentOS 6.x
I did

"yum install mono-moonlight"

that installed the necessary package, but I still have

"To view this content, please install Silverlight"


No luck.

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