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Cluster Setup

Post by natediggs » 2010/06/01 15:39:08

Hi Everyone,

So I'm trying to setup a small 3 unit cluster system with CentOS 5.5. 2 application servers serving a web app with a shared iSCSI storage system.

I'm trying to setup this cluster using Luci and Ricci and Conga to manage the two. I'm having a hard time adding nodes to the cluster. In particular, the system running Luci can't seem to be added to the cluster because of hostname issues when trying to start CMAN.

I added a line to the hosts file for the hostname of the system. When I try to start cman I get an error that a line pointing to the hostname of the system cannot be in there. So, I remove the entry and start cman and it comes up fine. The problem is, when I go to Conga and try to add the local system as a node I get an error that the Ricci cannot be accessed. So, I decided to call the system in Conga "localhost" and I get a similar error saying that the system cannot be reached. I realize that cman isn't running so I try to start it and get an error that the hosts file points to localhost and this configuration isn't allowed.

So, the problem is that I can't use either the hostname nor localhost to add the server to the cluster, so, what is the correct way to do this? DNS? Seems like overkill to have to setup DNS in order to make this work.


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