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How do I get ksysguard source code?

Posted: 2008/04/18 11:01:18
by Julian
I'm still a real newbie here but my googling and "find / -name -print" exercises seemed to have failed me so I'm left with a really dumb question. How do I get hold of the source code for KSysGuard corresponding to the binaries installed from the CentOS5.1 official DVD ISO?

I assume kdeSysGuard is part of package "kdebase - 6:3.5.4-13.6.el5.centos.x86_64" (and 32 bit equivalent) and the package manager shows that I have both this and the "kdebase-devel - " installed in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

I have successfully got lmsensors3 built and working on my system but KSysGuard 3.x is not compatible with the new version. There is a patch linked to from the lmsensors home page however ( so as can be seen from this patch I need to find "....ksysguard/ksysguardd/Linux/lmsensors.c" (and accompanying make/.c/.h files of course) to do my rebuild.

I've done a "find / -name 'lmsensors.c' -print" to see if it is in one of the packages that I've already installed and it isn't and there is nothing on the list that I'm presented with in packagemanager that looks promising and googling doesn't seem to be getting me the answer so hopefully this is as trivially easy as I suspect and some kind person here can point me in the right direction. I've also looked in the KDE developer site about getting source code but that all seems to relate to v4 and I'm trying to stay as close to the stable CentOS 5.1 Final so I'm hoping that somewhere is an official additional package I can install to give me the source code if only I knew the package name and also I'm probably somehow not pointed at the right repository.

(By the way, any link to a pre-built 3.5.4-compatible ksysguardd binary that has already been patched to support lmsensors3 output would be most welcome since that would get me running in seconds although I would then go on to do the rebuild myself since I'm trying to not only fix problems but to learn as I go along.)

- Julian

How do I get ksysguard source code?

Posted: 2008/04/18 12:55:47
by cormander
Do this:

rpm -qi pkgname | grep Source

where pkgname is the package you're looking for the source for.

From there, look for the src.rpm in mirrors: (assuming you use 5.1; if not, replace 5.1 with your version)

Re: How do I get ksysguard source code?

Posted: 2008/04/23 08:01:21
by Julian
Thank you Cormander. Unfortunately the rather old drive that I installed CentOS on died, hence my delay in returning to this thread, but I found exactly what I was looking for thanks to your post so now I'm all set to try to patch and rebuild kSysGuard (once I come back from a holiday).

- Julian