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No PHP configure executable in Red Hat

Posted: 2007/05/16 21:23:55
by griffmcc

I am trying to install Oracle Instant Client, which requires reconfiguring PHP. The documents I am following assume an executable called ?configure? in the PHP installation.

My PHP installation works just fine and was installed from php-5.1.6-3.el4s1.5.i386.rpm from CentOS. The problem is that my PHP installation does not contain a configure executable.

I could try to proceed using php-5.2.2/configure from, but I decided to ask for suggestions first.

* Is there a way to configure PHP without the configure executable?
* Should I configure my PHP 5.1.6 installation with the configure executable from PHP 5.2.2?


My OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 4).

The documents I am following to install Oracle Instant Client are:

Re: No PHP configure executable in Red Hat

Posted: 2007/05/16 21:30:27
by michaelnel
In the referenced pages, they are talking about building php from source. When you are building from source, you change into the source directory and then run "./configure", not "configure". If you just type "configure" it will respond (usually) as "command not found". That isn't because configure isn't there, it's because it is in the current directory, and the current directory is not in the PATH on properly set up systems.

That being said, I don't really think you want to try to build php from source.

Re: No PHP configure executable in Red Hat

Posted: 2007/05/17 10:37:42
by JoeGain
Hello everyone,

I'm a newby to Linux. I used Red Hat about 10yrs ago at uni, but only for emailing etc and I'd just like to firstly say thanks for CentOS. I've only had it installed for 3days, but the first impressions are very good.

Anyway, in response to this thread, I would like to compile a comic reader from src and I also ran into the problem with ./configure not running: bash responded with "command not found." So, according to michaelnel, this is because the directory I'm trying to run the command in isn't in the PATH. Can someone point me in the right direction for information about how best to configure the PATH variable?

I created a ~/download directory for downloaded programs and untarred the program in this directory. Is it sensible to include this directory in the PATH? (At the moment I'm only using the system as a hobbyist.)

I guess it would be good to find some general information about post installation configuration- which daemons I can turn off, how to configure bash, etc.

Thanks, Joe

No PHP configure executable in Red Hat

Posted: 2007/05/17 12:56:15
by gerald_clark
Read the post again.
He said to run ./configure not configure.
You do not want to change the PATH.

Re: No PHP configure executable in Red Hat

Posted: 2007/05/17 17:11:29
by michaelnel
In unix, the current directory is designated as ".".

So, when you type "./configure" you are telling the shell to run the program "configure" that is located in the current directory.

This is different than just typing "configure", because that will cause the shell to search all of the directories listed in your $PATH environment variable for a program called "configure".

Since it is considered a security risk to have the current directory (".") in your $PATH, if you want to run something in the current directory you have to do it by running "./something".

If you want to see what your $PATH is set to, type "echo $PATH". If your system is properly set up, it will not contain ":.", which would indicate the current directory.

Re: No PHP configure executable in Red Hat

Posted: 2007/05/18 09:32:49
by RemiFedora
You can look at : [url=]php-5.2.2-1[/url] on my blog/repository.

The EL-4 release provides oci8 extension.