very limited amount of packages in repositorys

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very limited amount of packages in repositorys

Post by hest » 2007/05/09 13:03:25

Hi There

I just migrated from freebsd to centos5. Normally at work i use debian based ubuntu server distro, and privately i have allways used freebsd. My isp setup a new server for me which is installed with centos05. So now i have desided to give this distro a try.

When trying to install the software i used on the other platforms i was very surpriced to see that most of them was not in the repository, not even courier-imapd ?!? The contrib repository is not working and there is nothing to be found in the extra, addon and centosplus repository ass well. I had to build the rpm packets myself and install alot of dependency packages by hand.

Now i need to setup APC (alternative php cache), which is allso not in the repository (actualle there is no PHP pecl packages at all) , and the dependencies for compiling it seems not to be there as well (php-config / phpize).

Are there any alternative reposytoris i can use with additional packages ?

I look forward to hear from you.

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very limited amount of packages in repositorys

Post by NedSlider » 2007/05/09 13:15:23

I would recommend you start by taking a look at what RPMForge has available:

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Re: very limited amount of packages in repositorys

Post by WhatsHisName » 2007/05/09 15:35:49

And when [url=]rpmforge and the other CentOS 3rd party repos[/url] don?t have something, then try [url=]rpmfind[/url].

The rpmforge binary packages tend to be safe/stable to use (consult the CentOS repo link (above) regarding other 3rd party repo usabilities), but it is often better with other repos to download the source package and to rebuild/recompile the binary package using rpmbuild, especially when a RHEL/CentOS/SL binary is not available.

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