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Stablility of centos 5

Posted: 2007/04/13 07:00:38
by centospede
I installed centos 4 very late into the release cycle for that version.

I'm looking to be an earlier adopter of Centos 5 (it just came out today) however, i can't risk a lot of downtime moving to the new system.

This is sort of a loaded question. I know the community works hard to make these releases available to us. But is it realistic to expect the initial release of a new release (in this case 5) to be stable and have the showstoppers worked out of it?

Or should I wait a month or so to adopt and upgrade?


Re: Stablility of centos 5

Posted: 2007/04/13 07:18:22
by biggles
Hi Centospede.

I've just installed it for use as a workstation and I'm having problems. So far all I'm doing is configuring KDE and updating but I've had 4 lockups that required the reset button so far.

I assume you will run this system as a server so you won't be using a GUI, but I'd suggest installing on a test machine to try it out before using it for something mission critical.


Re: Stablility of centos 5

Posted: 2007/04/13 08:30:50
by biggles
Hi again Centospede.

It seems that my problems were being caused by a dodge ATI graphics card. I put my old one back in and haven't had a freeze since but I'd still recomend using a test machine if you have one available.


Stablility of centos 5

Posted: 2007/04/14 00:39:05
by hughesjr
Always good to test if possible on a different machine.

It is stable, and can be used in production ... but like any new OS, you need to test it with your hardware and apps.

This is much more memory hungry than CentOS-4 ... use the text installer id < 512MB RAM is in your machine.