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new linux user/ firewall question

Posted: 2007/05/30 11:06:58
by JoeGain
Hello all!

I am new to Linux and have a question about the firewall settings in Centos5. My Torrent client seems to be downloading a lot slower than I would expect and after setting up port-forwarding on the router and the client itself, I discovered the firewall options in Centos and was wondering how this might effect my torrent downloads?

So, I bravely opened up the corresponding ports in the firewall rules, but it hasn't made a difference (I can only reach about 6kb/sec). Can someone point me in the direction of some good information about the configuration utility and the settings etc. Am I right in thinking this is a firewall problem?

Re: new linux user/ firewall question

Posted: 2007/05/30 11:34:23
by JoeGain
Ignore this post: Excuse me, but I solved the 'problem', it was very simple with the firewall settings, they just hadn't taken effect, and then I logged back in, and... everything is working great.