messagebus hangs with openldap

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messagebus hangs with openldap

Post by clodhopper » 2007/05/15 11:35:14

I've just finished installing a machine with Centos5 and using Openldap to store the users. Everything works fine until I reboot and then it takes about 20 minutes mostly hung at "starting messagebus"

It happens on both a x86_64 & a i386 install on different machines.

Looking through the logs it would appear that the messagebus service is trying to start BEFORE the ldap server is started. In /etc/rc3.d messagebus starts at S22 where as ldap is S27.

What I've done as a work around is to swap them over (now S22ldap & S27messagebus) and the machine boots in a normal time.

Can anyone foresee any problem with this if say I run a "yum update" or should I report it as a bug ??

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

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messagebus hangs with openldap

Post by BartB » 2007/05/18 16:57:36

This is pretty normal behaviour, I have seen it on other distributions as well. LDAP probably depends on networking being available, which is the reason it's started so late.

You should not get into to much trouble with your "fix". Just check your fix everytime openldap gets updated..

The leason I learned is that you should not make your ldap-host depended on ldap itself (but in a production environment, you should always have atleast 2 ldap machines)

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