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Posted: 2018/02/15 08:09:03
by alaindominique
we've been using a program for years under Centos 5.9.
The last two days, when we wanted to start the program the permission was denied. We had to change the permission to "executable". We changed it yesterday with "chmod +x" but this morning, same problem : the file is not executable !
Only the user's permission is changed, not the group or others.

Obviously, a program changes the user's permission from executable to non-executable.

Is there an trace of the changes made in the system that I could consult to see if any changes where done and when ?



Re: Permissions

Posted: 2018/02/19 14:25:21
by fdisk
I wouln't put much research on this as Centos 5.X is very old. You should consider to upgrade.

As a quick workaround you can just set correct permissions and use

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chattr +i filename
to lock all attributes.