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Doubt with Vault Repo

Posted: 2017/05/18 23:44:36
by yugher
Hi, I am using CentOS 5.
I would like to enable "vault" repo. My doubt is: should I simply enable Vault by editing

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(by setting "enabled=1"), or should I CHANGE baseurl in

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Thank you!

Re: Doubt with Vault Repo

Posted: 2017/05/19 00:26:48
by TrevorH
Either one works. Just so long as you know that there will be no more updates to el5. It will become increasingly insecure as time goes by so do not rely on it and start to plan how to get somewhere else. Soon.

Actually your current vault probably stops at 5.10 so you do want to change CentOS-Base to point to the 5.11 vault content.