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5.9 64-bit Won't Install

Posted: 2017/05/06 03:03:00
by krazybob
I see that 5.x just went EOL. I have a server that has legacy software that makes me CRAZY trying to keep it running. I tried to reinstall 5.9 and it kept telling me that it could not download the packages. I am assuming there isn't a repo at this point. Is there something that I can do to solve this on my own? Or is this just EOL and that's it? I used the netinstall from Is there another that might work? It's temporary as we actually do migrate the server up to 7.3 but there are "issues". Not yours.

Thank you for your support!

Re: 5.9 64-bit Won't Install

Posted: 2017/05/06 04:28:17
by gerald_clark
Update the repo file to point to