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Newbie need some help after installation CentOS

Posted: 2009/05/04 08:21:19
by bakpao6
Hi all and admin, My name is chen li, i just downloaded and installed CentOS into my new pc.
I am still newbie with this kind of linux OS, but im willing to learn it:P
CentOS seems look cool and i would like to try this kind OS which i never use it before, therefore, I would like to get some suggestions from all of you about:
1. What should i do after installation? hehe I have no ideas how and what to do
2. Is there any link to list any commands to do this and that?
3. How to secure the my personal computer before connecting into a virtual world such Internet? :-D

That's all so far, I can ask as beginner in this OS.
Thanks for the help and attention.
Cheers all;P

Re: Newbie need some help after installation CentOS

Posted: 2009/05/04 13:41:15
by pschaff
For some recommendations on introductory books, please see

What to do first very much depends on what you want to do with the system. Hard to advise there without more information as to your needs and goals.

As far as security, the default SElinux and firewall settings will provide pretty good security. Start with accepting the defaults.

Please be sure you have the current release, CentOS 5.3. A lot of people seem to be starting with older versions and encountering unnecessary problems with updates and hardware support.

Good luck with your learning experiences, and welcome to the CentOS fora.

Re: Newbie need some help after installation CentOS

Posted: 2009/05/04 23:06:15
by bakpao6
Thanks Pschaff
Well, i know my question is too general, however, i really have no idea how to start my PC, but i will make sure it will get the latest update.
I will try my best to play around first with new OS, if i encounter problems, i will post it here^^

oh yeha, how to do installation such some software available for this OS? in window, it is easy , just download the .exe file then double and run ^^
but i have no idea about in Linux system. hehehe sry for alot of question because im still new in linux OS:P
Cheers 8-)

Re: Newbie need some help after installation CentOS

Posted: 2009/05/05 02:54:20
by scottro
A good place to start might be the Wiki. As far as software, CentOS uses rpms. Hrrm, you might even be able to click on them and install them, but I think most people prefer to just type something like

yum install .

Take a look at the wiki article.
Hrrm, never mind, I see it refers newer users to

and THAT refers the newcomer to section 2

Hrrm, and looking at it, I could see it being a bit confusing for the newcomer.

Hrrm again, none of this is very good for the newcomer.

Ok, you better go to those books.

Also, do take a look at the read this first section of the forums, a lot of what is there might be quite helpful.

Aha. Looking at

One finds

a VERY good guide for the beginner, written by the inestimable Ned.

You should actually read all the things in that section (the read me first section.)

There's really not a lot there. Just be prepared for somewhat of a learning curve. Also, keep in mind that in many ways, CentOS is most popular among system admin types, so often, newcomer questions
may simply be answered with a look at the read me first section.

(That's another to reason to read the read me first section, it gives guidelines on phrasing questions that are more likely to be answered.) :)

Re: Newbie need some help after installation CentOS

Posted: 2009/05/05 04:52:49
by nilie
From what you're saying I understand you are a total newbie with Linux. In this case I suggest you the following :

- What to do with your Linux installation ? Use it to learn about Linux and how to use it. Start with simple things like getting familiar with cli/gui etc.
- Go to IBM DeveloperWorks web site at, click on tutorials and look for the LPI exam tutorials (there are a lot of them) and start with 1xx and 2xx. If you encounter one that seems difficult, ignore it and go to the next one then at the end or whenever you feel comfortable come back and revise them. Also while you're there, feel free to read any article that you might find interesting.
- Don't be afraid and do not get discouraged. Take any problem or error message you encounter as a challenge.

Re: Newbie need some help after installation CentOS

Posted: 2009/05/05 23:44:21
by bakpao6
WOW thx alot nilie and scottro.
That's really useful. I love u guys. that's what i need ^^. btw im totally new in linux, that's why i have no idea how to start anything, however, i will have a look to u guys suggestions later at night. hehehe cheers guys, Good Good, Thanks:P
muahc :lol: