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Post by plazman30 » 2008/05/18 17:15:43

A while back I added the rpmforge repository to my list to get an RPM for some software I wanted to test. Well, rpmforge came along and updated a whole mess of other things as well. I'm curious, is there some way to get rid of rpmforge AND get all the rpms it updated to go back to their CentOS counterparts?


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Post by NedSlider » 2008/05/18 19:52:28

Hi Andy,

To stop using the RPMForge repository, simply delete the rpmforge.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ (or uninstall the rpmforge-release package if you installed it)

To see all the RPMs on your system from RPMForge:

[code]rpm -qa release="*rf*"[/code]

You may, or may not, be able to simply uninstall these RPMs and reinstall the original CentOS versions, depending what else depends on these packages.

If you need more help, start by posting a list of the RPMForge packages that you wish to replace.

Also, to prevent this in the future, please read the priorities page here:




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