IPSec Tools in Centos 6

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IPSec Tools in Centos 6

Post by estebanvt » 2011/08/31 04:30:32

Hi !
I don't know how to install IPSec Tools in Centos 6. I found only a RPM for Centos 5.6 but unfortunely it doesn`t work in Centos 6. I need this tools for configuring a VPN in my server.

Thank you guys !


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Re: IPSec Tools in Centos 6

Post by goma » 2011/08/31 05:13:05

I have the same problem, can't do it with yum install ipsec-tool and I've been looking everywhere and can't find solution
need help!

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Re: IPSec Tools in Centos 6

Post by Bittys » 2011/09/01 17:20:53

It doesn't help that the version you can download from sourceforge doesn't even compile on CentOS 6

If anybody finds an rpm for this, it'd be really quite useful

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Re: IPSec Tools in Centos 6

Post by SaskoFord » 2011/09/01 20:09:29


Go to http://dowload.fedoraproject.org (you will be redirected to a mirror), enter releases/15/everything/source directory. Download ipsec-tools-0.8.0-1.fc15.src.rpm package, it is the latest version.

Run rpm -ivh ipsec-tools-0.8.0-1.fc15.src.rpm
go to rpmbuild/SPEC directory
edit the ipsec-tools.spec file and remove flex-static from the line 32 (flex alone is enough for build)
run rpmbuild -ba ipsec-tools.spec and wait for it to compile
go to rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64 (or i386 dir - depends on architecture) and run:

yum install ipsec-tools-0.8.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm --nogpgcheck

that should do it ... please report if it works for you...

hope ipsec-tools gets to epel repo ....


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Re: IPSec Tools in Centos 6

Post by Bittys » 2011/09/02 16:54:31

That worked for me, thankyou very, very, much :)

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IPSec Tools in Centos 6

Post by pschaff » 2011/09/13 15:12:23

Well, the thread hijacker is satisfied :-P but we haven't heard back from the OP. In any case, welcome to new members, and please see the recommended reading linked in my signature. Also of interest may be [url=http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/RebuildSRPM]How to Rebuild a Source RPM[/url].

As the OP got more help in a [url=https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&topic_id=33025&forum=56]duplicate post[/url] additional answers should be directed there. This thread is now locked.

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