Spectre & Meltdown

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Spectre & Meltdown

Post by hamsik007 » 2019/12/21 12:39:50

Hi Community,

I am generating a report in our org and i need to gather as much info as possible regarding Spectre & Meltdown affecting Centos 6 & 7.
So, it will help me a lot if you guys can point out to any link or useful posts in the forum;
Additionally if it is possible i would like to get a list of all vulnerable kernel versions for centos 6 & 7. or at least a way to look on how to get such data.
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Re: Spectre & Meltdown

Post by TrevorH » 2019/12/21 14:39:32

The very first post listed in this forum is viewtopic.php?f=17&t=65800 "What are Meltdown and Spectre? Here’s what you need to know" - did you read that?

The TL;DR version: run yum update and get up to date. Reboot.
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