bridge-nf-filter-pppoe-tagged mtu bug?

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bridge-nf-filter-pppoe-tagged mtu bug?

Post by R_VolAnd » 2018/06/28 19:54:17

Hi, all

CentOs 6.9
I already has cofigured brdge br0.


So, now I want to filter out IP packets by IP adressess from PPPoE traffic that passes over the bridge. Server hasn't local ppp interfaces.
But. Then I seting up system variables:


User got a problem. Some sites are unable to load and give an error.

If I set variables like that:


or unset both to 0, all of sites working fine.
Seems like MTU Black Hole issure. I tried chage MTU by MSS value in iptables, but unfortunatly.

Is it netfilter bug? How to fix it?

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