CentOS 6 kernel IPX error

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Re: CentOS 6 kernel IPX error

Post by r_hartman » 2011/11/03 08:01:54

The centosplus kernel is in the centosplus repository. That repo is disabled by default but yum --disablerepo=\* --enablerepo=centosplus will allow you to install from it.

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Re: CentOS 6 kernel IPX error

Post by toracat » 2011/11/03 17:43:44

mole wrote:

And about NCP support: should I edit source code by myself and try to build the kernel with NCP support? Is it right?
Is there any other way to enable Novell Netware support in my system (i.e. without editing kernel sources)?
The upstream kernel has had NCP support turned off for years, so there is almost no hope they would help with the issue. This means you are on your own in fixing the code to eliminate the error. This could be challenging.

Another option is to use CentOS-5. NCP is enabled in the C-5 plus kernels. You still have 2+ years until the EOL.

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Re: CentOS 6 kernel IPX error

Post by mole » 2011/11/07 15:24:49

Dear toracat!
Thanks a lot for your help!
I've commented out lines in Makefile with -Werror option and successfully built the kernel with NCP support.
All is working OK now!

Best regards,
Miloserdin Oleg

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