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IP and DNS question

Posted: 2011/11/11 01:16:29
by zinnium
CentOS 6 IP Address configuration questions for a web server.

I just got my 5 ip addresses and all the other information needed to setup my web server. My data center told me not to use the DNS numbers as my Name Servers.

I have used the "Setup" command at the command line to get to the setup GUI. I have gone throughout the GUI "setup" to add my IP addresses. I added the DNS number to each IP address inside each IP address setup.I then added the DNS numbers inside the DNS section as well.

I have checked the resolve.conf file and it shows my DNS numbers as my nameservers.

Is this correct or is there something wrong with my setup?

Re: IP and DNS question

Posted: 2011/11/11 01:22:37
by zinnium
This might actually be a nice manual for how to do this. I figure there is a lot of noobies like me who can setup the machine, but how to setup these network number is totally confusing. I have never found a good guide that covered people hooking up to a data center.

Re: IP and DNS question

Posted: 2011/11/14 22:45:23
by pschaff
Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

It is not clear exactly what you have done from the description. Note that CentOS-6 uses NetworkManager with a nm-applet GUI interface by default, rather than the network service. That seems not to coexist too well with "setup" from the command line which sounds like what you used. Please [url=]provide more information about your system[/url] by running "./ [b]network[/b]" and showing us the output file.