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HTTP access

Posted: 2020/10/12 13:23:44
by phoenix1
I'm not a sysadmin - just have a Centos 6 box attached to my home network via ethernet to a windows pc running ICS.

Internet acccess from the Linux box was fine until yesterday, when I moved some cables around. I can't get the internet running - ping, ftp services all fine, tried plugging the Centos box directly into the internet ethernet port, no dice.

HTTPD server reports that it is enabled and running.

Any suggestions gratefully recived.

Re: HTTP access

Posted: 2020/10/16 18:13:22
by BShT
httpd (apache) is not necessary for internet access, it is used to host pages

and if you moved some cables around, try to unmove

and also look at /etc/resolv as you can ping but canĀ“t surf

Re: HTTP access

Posted: 2020/10/18 02:45:34
by Whoever
Perhaps when you moved things around, the connection from the Linux box to the Windows PC dropped and when it came back up, the DHCP server gave it a new IP address?