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Can we use ipv6 instead of ipv4 in CentOS?

Posted: 2020/04/25 14:40:59
by kiranda
Hello there Greetings (Namaste),

I need information regarding IP address. We are in Nepal and I asked for Static/Dedicated IP address to ours ISP here, they asked for around $1700 for just a Static/Dedicated IP Address. So I want to ask some questions?

1. Can we use dynamic IP (which changes as restarted) in CentOS and use for ours Website and Mobile Apps server?
2. Can we use VPN's Dedicated IP?
3. Can we use ipv6 instead of ipv4?

I request anyone over this forum for detailed information. Please do, reply me.

Kiran Khadka

Re: Can we use ipv6 instead of ipv4 in CentOS?

Posted: 2020/04/25 15:04:51
by TrevorH
These are not really CentOS questions. A lot of the answers depend on what you want to use this for. Sure you can do all of those things with CentOS but will the people that need to access your site be able to do so if you do?

Oh, and are you really aiming to use CentOS 6 for this? I do not think you should do so as it only has around 6 months of life left before all updates, security and otherwise, stop and it will become increasingly insecure. Much better to pick a newer version - CentOS 7 is supported until 2024 and CentOS 8 until 2029. CentOS 6 goes EOL in November this year so is not a good choice for a new deployment.