openssh between two centos machines

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openssh between two centos machines

Post by nmrdukeman » 2019/04/24 18:00:31

I have a very simple question about using ssh to connect two Centos boxes.
Can I configure both of them with Openssh client, or one is OpenSSH client and the other OpenSSH Server?

Thanks for your help in advance. 8-)

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Re: openssh between two centos machines

Post by TrevorH » 2019/04/24 19:57:39

An ssh client needs to talk to an ssh server. Server runs on the machine you want to connect to, client on the one you are connecting from. They're in different packages and you should almost certainly have openssh-server installed already. Depending on which install type you used, you may or may not have openssh-clients installed or you may need to yum install openssh-clients to get it.
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