Firewall rules equivalent to hosts file

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Firewall rules equivalent to hosts file

Post by fepi96 » 2018/10/29 20:26:39

Hi all,

Using CentOS 6, I would like to increase my network security, and prevent bad people from incoming, outgoing and forwarding through my server, as much as possible.

I know that I can use firewall, but as I use Plesk, I find it quite difficult to add a lot of IPs at once, and also, I find it difficult to find "known" bad IPs/network. I am looking forward to use other tools, not restricted to Plesk as I have of course access to my machine.

Therefore, I wanted to know if there are any tools, widely known for such purpose, or any files that are regularly updated and that list these bad players (just like they do it for hosts file : which I can "simply" put in a specific folder and which will do the trick (really; just like hosts file)...

Thank you for your precious help.

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