SRV /TSDNS SRV records

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SRV /TSDNS SRV records

Post by wtgftw » 2018/06/14 12:53:20

Hello. I've got a problem because i need to add SRV /TSDNS SRV records on my vps server. I've got CentOS 6.5 and only command console to use. I need to add something like a or aaaa records. I need that 'cause this probably will fix my teamspeak server (I am the only one guy who cant join). So can someone explain me how should i do that? (if it is possible). Thanks in advice :)

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Re: SRV /TSDNS SRV records

Post by TrevorH » 2018/06/14 14:04:06

You really really don't want to be running CentOS 6.5 on anything, especially if it's internet facing in any way. CentOS 6.5 was released in December 2013 and was superceded by 6.6 in Oct 2014 at which point, no more updates were made for 6.5. The solution is simple, you need to run yum update to get up to date - currently 6.9 but RHEL 6.10 is in beta upstream. There are numerous high severity vulnerabilities in 6.5 and you need to update to the latest to fix those.

I can't answer the original question though you might want to tell us if you are running your own DNS server or if you have it hosted by a third party DNS supplier (which is what a lot of us do as it's a complex task to run a DNS server).
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