NFS mounts as nobody:nobody

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NFS mounts as nobody:nobody

Post by bertalanimre » 2017/10/08 07:48:09

Hello All!

Could you help me please! I have 4 CentOS 6 servers. They have a few services like DRBD, Heartbeat, etc, but the issue is the NFS. A fifth server acts as NFS server and contains the folders I wish to mount on the other four. The /etc/exports file: (exportfs -a was done)

fstab on "clients":
10.0.X.XX:/shares/nfs /mnt/fs nfs hard,intr,retrans=2,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,noatime,timeo=600,nosuid 0 0

The issue is that only one server mounts the folders with correct permissions (root,www and other) But the remaining three mounts the folders with nobody:nobody and I have no idea how to fix this. nfsidmap -c was done as well, but didn't do the trick.

Nobody-User = nobody
Nobody-Group = nobody
Method = nsswitch

Any idea I might have missed?

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Re: NFS mounts as nobody:nobody

Post by lightman47 » 2017/10/08 12:41:35

Off the top - are the UIDs and GIDS for all the users the same on all the machines? It's those IDs that are used, not necessarily the names.

I only ask because I've done it myself several years back.
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Re: NFS mounts as nobody:nobody

Post by Whoever » 2017/10/09 01:30:50

Is this when root tries to access the files? If so, look at the "no_root_squash" nfs export option.

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