Server is down but SSH is working

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Server is down but SSH is working

Post by legionishere » 2017/05/25 00:42:08

Hi this is emergency please help.

We added 1gbit port to our server:

"The server has been reboot, ILO has been set on a dedicated port and bonding has been configured. The server is currently back online with 2x 1Gbit in bonding which should allow for double the network load when multiple users come into play."

It is still down!! What could be the issue? please help.

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Re: Server is down but SSH is working

Post by tunk » 2017/05/25 11:39:18

The title doesn't make any sense: if SSH login is working then the server is up.
Could you provide more details?

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Re: Server is down but SSH is working

Post by CaViCcHi » 2017/05/26 20:20:13

when you say "the server is down"

are you referring to a specific service?

like for example

http://yourserver used to answer with a web page that said "hello mundo" and now it says "timeout" or "404"?

in which case you should probably show us some logs :)



and definitely the log of whatever service isn't working, like if it were httpd, it typically logs them errors in


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