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Posted: 2020/07/09 18:01:48
by Ireq
Hellow i install centos 6 on a server the i purchase recently and i was tryng to make like a install from the begining of release but starting from centos 6 (more recent and availables); centos 6 and from there go to 8 but i find out after all the i was not able to update from 6 to 7.

Looking on the internet i found a blog of someone named martin is in Spanish and gives some instructions how to update. I want to know if I can do this without incurring any headline issues and if it currently technically functioned as a normal upgrade. blog (((((

Re: Upgrade

Posted: 2020/07/09 21:51:06
by TrevorH
Sorry, there is no supported upgrade from one CentOS major version to another. If you want CentOS 8 then install CentOS 8 to start with. You cannot upgrade from 6 to a newer version.

Re: Upgrade

Posted: 2020/07/09 22:59:08
by Ireq
Ok thank you very much for your quick support.