Configure usb port for com1

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Configure usb port for com1

Post by jrjong » 2020/05/31 09:42:55

I have a HP mini (netbook) - I need to reconfigure a USB port to act as a COM port. I'm trying to aol mail login hook up a surveying instrument to the netbook and the survey instrument will only pass data (in/out) through the COM1 port. The netbook only has USB ports. I know it is possible to do it because I did it several years ago - I just can't remember how I did it.
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Re: Configure usb port for com1

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/31 12:12:05

You need a USB to serial lead. I have one of these and it works for me to talk to my Ubiquiti Edgerouter firewall device - ... B00QUZY4UG - but there are others available. Beware of the really cheap ones you see on Ebay as a lot of those use fake chips and don't work properly.
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