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CentOS 6 server

Posted: 2020/04/15 13:12:55
by squadmind
Hello all,

I have a CentOS 6 server with onboard Intel RAID 5 with 5 Seagate server grade 500GB hard drives. The first drive (drive0 of the array) has failed (SMART message on power up)and as-is the server will no longer boot up. I am assuming that the boot sector used in this configuration is located on the first drive of the array, thus causing this behavior. All other 4 drives report that they are in good condition.

I received an exact model this week for a replacement, I was wondering if swapping out the drives and booting to the CentOS Live disk would work or be the best option to rebuild the array with the new disk. I have found a bit of info using Google, but none that seems to apply to my specific situation, and I really don't want to lose the current array by making a bad decision. Anyone out there had this experience? Any advice is appreciated.

Re: CentOS 6 server

Posted: 2020/04/15 13:29:29
by TrevorH
"Intel RAID 5" rings alarm bells. Is this FakeRAID, a.k.a BIOS RAID?

Re: CentOS 6 server

Posted: 2020/04/15 14:18:38
by MartinR
FYI see ... ogies.html. In particular note that at the bottom:
A RAID-Ready system must meet the following requirements:

* Supported IntelĀ® Chipsets
* One Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive
* RAID controller enabled in the BIOS
* Motherboard BIOS that includes the Intel RST option ROM
* Intel RST software
* Hard drive partition with at least 5 MB of free space
I think your alarm bell may have become a bit louder.