trouble installing NVIDIA drivers - need help with settings

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trouble installing NVIDIA drivers - need help with settings

Post by Matt_GE » 2020/01/24 13:05:32

Hi everyone,

my apologies in advance for any information which might be not extremely precise, but I am not an expert user on CentOS6.

Here's my issue: my graphics card is not loading (thus I have no GUI, or kind of).

I am running a workstation with CentOS6.10 (Final) and I was using default nouveau/xorg drivers.
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 - GF100 (400 series).

Everything used to work with nouveau, but it was awful when handling 3D objects (which I now need to do everyday).
I tried to install NVIDIA drivers with an .rpm from the Nvidia website - assuming it would work, as it did in CentOS7 - but it didn't.
Then, I tried to install it from ELREPO/rpmrpmfusion, by using nvidia-detect and installing the currently installed driver, but it didn't work either.
I browsed through this and other forums, but I could not solve my problem anyways.

I already blacklisted nouveau, set file xorg.conf.
The only way I have to use my workstation is by logging with inittab 3, but I don't need to use it like this.
Hironically, Anydesk remote desktop is working and allows for graphics, with the previous crappy settings.

Trying to install NVIDIA by using rpm stops, claiming that an X server is already running.
In theory, I have the nvidia driver 390 installed, but nothing works for graphics.
I also tried to rebuild the kernel img for boot, via dracut, but the situation is still the same.

Sadly, I don't have enough knowledge to fix this: I am calling for some help, from someone who knows properly what to do.
I attach to this the info i got by using about drivers and devices.
(6.56 KiB) Downloaded 20 times
Any help or even guideline would be welcome, since I don't really know which and when I made errors.

Hoping to get some answer soon,


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Re: trouble installing NVIDIA drivers - need help with settings

Post by TrevorH » 2020/01/24 14:33:19

A comment from your getinfo output...

rpmforge-release-0.5.3-1.el6.rf.x86_64 - don't use rpmforge. It's been unmaintained for about 7 years now and a lot of the packages in it are now riddled with security problems and should be avoided.

I would suggest that you undo everything that you've done and start again from scratch. Use yum to remove kmod-nvidia-390xx and use the nvidia .run file with its -uninstall option (--uninstall?), remove any blacklisting you've tried to do and make sure that your system is clean before you start again. The ELRepo packages do it all for you. Once you've purged everything, reboot and then reinstall kmod-nvidia-390xx (assuming this is the package nvidia-detect suggests).

If that doesn't work then post the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log (or a different number if it's more recent/relevant).
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Re: trouble installing NVIDIA drivers - need help with settings

Post by Matt_GE » 2020/01/24 17:53:58

Dear Trevor,

thank you kindly for the help. Everything now works fine under NVIDIA graphics.
Looks like I just panicked. Question answered and solved.

Best wishes,

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