CentOS 6.9

Issues related to hardware problems
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CentOS 6.9

Post by 1Tape » 2019/07/30 20:38:11


I Have a problem with one of our servers in work.Few days ago I Added one gpu unit ( Nvidia Titan ) to server and connect it, but CentOs does not detect it. Server still running on onboard gpu. I tried changing gpu, download drivers manualy but every time same the same result.

Can anyone help me?

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Re: CentOS 6.9

Post by TrevorH » 2019/07/30 20:42:35

First thing: 6.9 is from March 2017 so is now approaching 2.5 years out of date. You should yum update to get to 6.10 which came out one year ago and is the current version. There are numerous patches on top of 6.10 that you're missing too.

Check the output from lspci -nn | grep -i -E "vga|nvidia" and see if your hardware is listed there. If it isn't then you have a hardware problem.
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