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centOS 6.5 compatibility

Posted: 2019/05/09 13:57:11
by it-specialists
Hi at All !

I want to built a server (file server & mail server ) with centOs 6.5 and i want to ask if m/b gigabyte z370p D3 and cpu i7 8700 is absolutely compatible with centOS 6.5 .

Thanks at all !

Re: centOS 6.5 compatibility

Posted: 2019/05/09 14:05:22
by TrevorH

CentOS 6.5 is from 2013 and riddled with security bugs. If you must use CentOS 6 at all then use 6.10 which is the current version with patches to secure against all the bugs discovered in the last 5 years since 6.5!

Also, you should be aware that CentOS 6 itself goes End Of Life in roughly 18 months time at which point there will be no more security patches at all. You might want to investigate using CentOS 7 instead which has support until 2024.