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Cenos 6.5

Posted: 2019/03/19 05:04:09
by dg1500
Hi everybody

I have installed cenos 6.5 on HP 590-p0055d with the following configuration

Cpu: Core I5-8400
Ram 8gb

I failed to install because cenos is not supported for cpu core i5 8400. Is there any way to install cenos 6.5 on the above hp machine?

Thank all

Re: Cenos 6.5

Posted: 2019/03/19 06:25:35
by avij
Yeah, no doubt about that. Have you tried 6.10?

Re: Cenos 6.5

Posted: 2019/03/19 07:17:56
by TrevorH
Do not run 6.5 at all. It dates from late 2013 so is now more than 5 years old. It has 5 years worth of known bugs in it including high severity security problems.

It should not be used. Use 6.10.