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Centos 5.X Xen Running CentOS 6

Posted: 2011/08/31 22:16:56
by cvers2005
I have a CentOS 5.6 Xen Server which I recently installed the new CentOS 6 using the RHL config file in Xen. The Xen list contains no CentOS anything.

Everything worked great. Running CentOS 6 in a Xen Server under CentOS 5.6. The only issue I am experiencing is that even thought I checked it to reboot automatically if I reboot the Xen server, it does not do this and I have to reboot CentOS 6 manually. Has any one found this problem and do you have a fix? :-)

Centos 5.X Xen Running CentOS 6

Posted: 2011/09/02 05:25:39
by teleport
If I understand correctly Centos 6 is guest for Centos 5.6. So run in Centos 6:

yum -y install acpid; chkconfig acpid on; service acpid start

Re: Centos 5.X Xen Running CentOS 6

Posted: 2011/10/01 19:26:12
by markr
I'm sorry for my ignorance, but why would you need/want to install the ACPI daemon in the CentOS 6 Dom-U guest? I don't seem to miss it.